Letter of concern regarding Dr. Matt Ridley as keynote speaker, opening of the academic year

We have drafted a letter of concern in response to the decision to host Dr. Matt Ridley as keynote speaker for the opening of the WUR 2017-18 academic year. Whilst we welcome the initiative to engage staff and students in debate setting the scene for the year to come, we are concerned and disappointed about the choice of Dr. Ridley as keynote for this purpose.

Read the entire letter here: Letter Ridley Opening Academic Year 2017-2018

5 Responses

  1. Jan ten Pierick

    The climate lobby is heard more than enough. Almost no documentary or news item that touches the environment leaves out the message that the climate-change is guilty. It is refreshing that the university of Wageningen gives some room for another opinion. There is no danger at all that the students will hear only the climate skepticism, but banning this speaker would pose the danger the students only hear the climate hypothesis of the environmental groups.

    If you believe in your case there should be no fear to hear another opinion!


  2. Climate Hoax

    At last, someone with a ‘alternative facts’ perspective who is selected as a key note speaker. Good that they select people with other opinions to discuss the climate hoax.

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  3. JeffH

    This invitation is of course a complete disgrace. Ridley is a paid shill, as he is associated with the Global Warming Policy Foundation. He has a long and sordid history of right wing anti-environmental views. The two comments above can be dismissed. Climate science has spoken through thousands of peer-reviewed studies which leave no doubt whatsoever that the climate is warming well outside of natural forcings, that humans are the culprit and that we urgently need to deal with it. Every major scientific organization and every National Academy of Science in every industrialized nation affirms the reality of anthropogenic climate change. Ridley has no expertise in climate science, and in fact he doesn’t even do any research. Who will WUR invite next year – a creationist or flat Earther? By inviting a laughingstock, IMHO WUR is showing its true colors as a university firmly embedded in the politicial/corporate establishment.


    1. Jan ten Pierick

      Hi JeffH,

      You write: “The two comments above can be dismissed.”

      So, is it that easily you reject other opinions? No matter whether the climate changes, or why it does, for sure the climate has become big business. A lot of people have a job related to it, and the numerous amount of creative taxes bring the governments a lot of money.

      Is your way the way this business is to be protected? Thus, it cannot be done by true science? If I read your arguments, and you’re not the only one arguing this way, then I tend to believe it can indeed not be justified by true science! With this kind of discussions the believe in a climate change appears to be more like a religion figthing for its followers…

      Again, why would it be so bad to hear another opinion? Can exact science not prove it wrong then? Only with an open mind we can gather additional knowledge, and maybe even learn from mistakes!

      By the way, it is cold here for the time of the year, but I don’t believe in a climate cooldown. 😉

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