Blog Post | “But You Are Also Ghanaian, You Should Know”: the iceberg illusion and the story of a research article | by Dr. Emmanuel Akwasi Adu-Ampong

New Blog from GEO’s Dr. Emmanuel Akwasi Adu – Ampong and corresponding article.

The Unplanned PhD Planner

This paper has finally seen the light of day through sheer hard graft. It feels almost like a pyrrhic victory but that is the nature of the process sometimes. I am nonetheless happy to share the news of this published co-authored journal article . Thanks to my man Ellis for keeping us going through the valleys until this point. You can access it through this link…

“But You Are Also Ghanaian, You Should Know”: Negotiating the Insider–Outsider Research Positionality in the Fieldwork Encounter 

but you are also ghanaian

When I think of this particular research article, the metaphorical image that comes to my mind is that of an iceberg – you only see the tip on the surface while missing the bigger piece in the water. This has been characterised as ‘The Iceberg Illusion”. What people get to see as ‘success’ is that the paper is published but what they might not see is the sweaty…

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