Seminar | Health in all policies – creating a healthy living environment

July 15th, 2019 | 15.00 – 16.30 | Leeuwenborch, room 72

The Green Carpet: an integrated infrastructural project plan

Nicole Stappers (Maastricht University) | For decades, the city of Maastricht was crossed by a highway causing traffic and liveability issues in the adjacent neighbourhoods. To solve these issues, an integrated infrastructural project plan was designed and executed: the Green Carpet. Nicole will present the results of a case study. Using a historical process reconstruction the different, health-relevant, elements of the integrated infrastructural project were analysed. Nicole would like to discuss the implications of the findings for implementation and evaluation research.

Including health in spatial planning developments in Nijmegen

Kristine Mourits | From 2021 there will be a new Environment and Planning Act, aiming to achieve a safe and healthy living environment. Municipalities must then have an integral policy on the development and management of the living environment. Including health in urban planning developments within a municipality requires cooperation between the social and urban planning domain. Kristine works as a Public Health policy advisor at the municipality of Nijmegen and has recently started a PhD research on this topic. She will present some results about professionals’ perceptions on a healthy living environment and integral decision-making.

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