Exhibition | Other (food) + (art) economies are possible!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 | 15:00-17:00 | Impulse

You are invited to a public exhibition on arts-based methods and diverse (food) economies. The exhibition features artefacts and collective outputs created during a three day workshop exploring the role of art and arts-based methods in expanding our economic and political imaginaries. Our work together is informed by feminist scholarship on commons and community economies. We use art and design practices to reflect on critical issues related to food provisioning, unpaid labour, urban and rural food economies, land use, commons and commoning, and value. We invite you to browse the results of our joint thinking and creating and join us for a convivial conversation over drinks and bites. 

Participating Artist-Thinkers include:

Binna Choi, Marianna Takou, and Erik Uitenboomgard CASCO Art Institute Working for the Commons, the Netherlands 

Asia Komarova, The Outsiders, The Netherlands 

Pascale Gatzen, Fashion Held in Common and Catharine van Eetvelde The Linen Project, the Netherlands

Bianca Elzenbaumer EURAC and Fabio Franz, Brave New Alps, Italy 

Carlo Bettineli and Valeria Battistotti, Comunita Frizzante, Italy

Kate Rich, Feral Trade and Cube Cola, UK 

Wendy Harcourt, ISS & WEGO, the Netherlands 

Organized by: Oona Morrow, Anke de Vrieze, Chizu Sato, Centre for Space, Place, and Society

This workshop is sponsored through the 2019 DSS Excellence in Research Programme

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