Several pieces by Geographers, sociologists, philosophers etc. on covid-19 | Source: Progressive Geographies blog |

Below you will find a copy of this still growing blog on Thinking about place and power – a site written and curated by Stuart Elden:

“First posted 24 March 2020; last updated 2 April 2020. Thanks to those who have sent additional ones, especially Michael O’Rourke.

A much more extensive, chronologically ordered, and five-language list is available from The Thomas Project.

A range of useful links to governments and agencies is here – Coronavirus Socio-economic Policies in the world – JUMPER tracker

Michele Lancione and Abdoumaliq Simone, Bio-austerity and Solidarity in the Covid-19 Space of Emergency – Episode One and Episode Two (Society and Space)

David Harvey, Anti-Capitalist Politics in the Time of COVID-19 (Reading Marx’s Capital)

Alain Badiou, On the Epidemic Situation (Verso blog)

Panagiotis Sotiris, Against Agamben: Is a Democratic Biopolitics Possible? (Viewpoint)

William Davies, The last global crisis didn’t change the world. But this one could (The Guardian)

Angela Last, Covid-19, ‘European Science’ and the Plague (Discover Society)

Catherine Malabou, To Quarantine from Quarantine: Rousseau, Robinson Crusoe, and “I” (Critical Inquiry)

Mike Davis, The monster is finally at the door (LINKS)

Rob Wallace, Notes on a novel Coronavirus (MR Online)

Gordon Hull, Why We Are Not Bare Life: What’s wrong with Agamben’s Thoughts on Coronavirus (New APPS)

Judith Butler, Capitalism has its limits (Verso blog)

Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi: Bifo – Diary of the psycho-deflation (Verso blog)

Giorgio Agamben, “The state of exception provoked by an unmotivated emergency” (translated at Positions); responseby Jean-Luc Nancy (in Italian), clarifications from Agamben at AUFS (translated by Adam Kotsko)

M. Foucault, G. Agamben, J.L. Nancy, R. Esposito, S. Benvenuto, D. Dwivedi, S. Mohan, R. Ronchi, M. de Carolis, Coronavirus and philosophers (European Journal of Psychoanalysis)

John Paul Ricco, For a Governmentality of Ethical Distance (Unbecoming Community) – and other posts on that site; now collected with other pieces by Unbecoming Community

Antonis Vradis, This morning, I woke up in a curfew

And Slavoj Žižek already has a book on this forthcoming, seemingly based on some shorter pieces…

Sophie Harman, Covid-19 Global Health Reading List

Roger Keil, Creighton Connolly and  S. Harris Ali, Outbreaks like coronavirus start in and spread from the edges of cities (The Conversation); along with The Urbanization of COVID-19 (Urban Political Podcast) and this piece at Urban Studies by the same authors

Jana Bacevic, No such thing as society? Liberal paternalism, politics of expertise and the corona crisis (Discover Society)

Simon Dalby, Pandemics, Borders and Crisis in a Globalized World (Balsillie School)

Coronavirus readings by The Syllabus (email signup)

Clive Barnett, What’s Responsibility Got To Do With Anything Anyway? (Pop Theory)

George Francis Bickers and Simone Tulumello on security, borders and coronavirus (podcast on Soundcloud)

Chiara Iacovone, Alberto Valz Gris, Il virus è un prodotto del Capitalocene (Jacobin Italia)

Graham Mooney, Epidemics, Elites, and Public Health (podcast Against the Grain/KPFA)

Abigail Neely & Patricia Lopez, Care in the Time of Covid-19 (Antipode)

Jung Won Sonn, Coronavirus: South Korea’s success in controlling disease is due to its acceptance of surveillance (The Conversation)

Marshall Shepherd, Why Geography Is A Key Part Of Fighting The COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak (Forbes)

Mihnea. 2020. Viral Political Ecology [The Civil Animal, first of 3]

Philipp Sarasin, Mit Foucault die Pandemie verstehen? (Geschichte der Gegenwart)

Thomas Nail, Why a Roman philosopher’s views on the fear of death matter as coronavirus spreads (The Conversation)

Mónica Belevan, Preface/Postscript to the Peruvian exhibition catalogue for the Venice Biennale (Lapsus Lima)

Phil Steinberg, Herding Viruses (personal blog)

Tim Cresswell, Turbulence and Covid-19 and COVID-19, Racism, and the Power of Names (Varve)

Jack Shenker, Cities after coronavirus: how Covid-19 could radically alter urban life (The Guardian)

Clare Holdsworth, Coronavirus: how to deal with a looming lack of life plans (The Conversation)

Luca Paltrinieri, Prove generali di apocalisse differenziata (Antinomie)/Répétition générale d’une apocalypse différenciée (Platforme d’enquétes militantes)

Pier Aldo Rovatti, various Italian essays (etica minima)

Elettra Stimilli, Essere in comune a distanza (Antinomie)

Adam Tooze, Coronavirus has shattered the myth that the economy must come first (The Guardian)

Valeria Pulignano and Claudia Marà, The coronavirus, social bonds and the ‘crisis society’ (Social Europe)

Tim Christiaens, Must Society be Defended from Agamben? (Critical Legal Thinking)

Bruno Latour, Is this a dress rehearsal? (Critical Inquiry)/La crise sanitaire incite à se préparer à la mutation climatique(Le Monde)

Rob Horning, Deserted cities of the heart (Verso blog)

Doug Herman, Shutting Down Hawai‘i: A Historical Perspective on Epidemics in the Islands (Smithsonian Mag)

Miriam Meissner and Federico Savini, Corona and the Climate: 5 Lessons We Can Learn (Save the Planet for Amateurs)

Eliott Grover, What Can Daniel Defoe’s “Plague Year” Teach Us About Coronavirus? (Inside Hook)

Felipe Demetri, Biopolitics and Coronavirus, or don’t forget Foucault (Naked Punch)

Kaveh L. Afrasiabi, Foucault And The Politics Of Coronavirus Pandemic (Eurasia Review)

Lee Jones, Coronavirus Is the End of the End of History (Tribune)

Times of COVID-19 (multiple articles, Centre for Science, Technology and Society Studies)

Chuang Collective, Social Contagion

Massimo De Angelis, The Political Use of Parasites (Undisciplined Environments)

COVID-19 Essays (Multiple articles, Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies)

Corona virus and mobility forum (COMPAS)

David Runciman, Coronavirus has not suspended politics – it has revealed the nature of power (The Guardian)

Peter Jones and Rick Stafford, What the Covid-19 pandemic should teach us about governance (UCL)

Jennifer Johnson, We are not the virus (Verso blog)

Adam Quarshie, Solidarity in Times of Crisis (Verso blog)

Angela McRobbie, Our low-paid workers are our lifeline (Verso blog)

The Care Collective, COVID-19 pandemic: A Crisis of Care (Verso blog)

Christine Berry, The COVID-19 pandemic will change everything – for better or worse (Verso blog)

Covid-19: Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (open access content from Wiley-Blackwell)

Giorgio Agamben, Reflections on the Plague (Medium); Riflessioni sulla peste (Quodlibet)

Karrie Jacobs interviews Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley, The Architecture of Quarantine Is No Longer a Thing of the Past (Architect)

Rob Wallace, Alex Liebman, Luis Fernando Chaves and Rodrick Wallace, COVID-19 and Circuits of Capital (Monthly Review)

Jean-Luc Nancy, Communovirus (Verso blog)

Allegra Lab has a thematic thread on the topic – , alongside a “Corona Diaries” podcast with daily reports from correspondents in several countries.

Speciale Coronavirus – lots of pieces in Italian (Scuola di filosofia di Trieste)

Talking Politics podcast with David Runciman (London Review of Books)

Radhika Desai, The Unexpected Reckoning: Coronavirus and Capitalism (Canadian Dimension)

Juan Branco, Coronavirus. Révolution et Antisouveraineté

Aisha S. Ahmad, Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Alain Brossat, L’irrespirable. Ce qui nous arrive and En guerre ? Ce qui nous arrive 2. (Ici et ailleurs)

Alex Jeffrey, Covid-19: Migration, Social Distancing and Incarceration (Placing Law)

David Byrne, The World Is Changing — So Can We (Reasons to be Cheerful)

Angela Maiello, Post-Media Vitality (Fata Morgana)

William Davies, Society as a Broadband Network (London Review of Books)

Matthew Gandy, Coronavirus (Cosmopolis)

Joseph Owen, States of Emergency, Metaphors of Virus, and COVID-19 (Verso blog)

Mike Davis, on Corona virus (The Dig podcast)”