PhD Course | Advanced Qualitative Research Design & Data Collection | January 2021

Advanced Qualitative Research Design and Data Collection (GEO 56806) offers PhD candidates and advanced master’s students enrolled in the graduate programme:

  • A fuller grasp of the analytical value of a range of qualitative methods relative to your own project’s research questions and epistemological/theoretical positioning
  • The knowledge required to identify different methods’ particular logistical requirements and challenges
  • The knowledge and skills for anticipating and responding to ethical issues posed by the use of specific methods
  • The time and space to design a well-rounded strategy for data collection for your own research project aligned with your project’s epistemological/theoretical framework

Due to Covid-19, this course will run fully online. It spans 4 weeks (4th- 25th January 2021), with sessions held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
from 9-12:00.

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