Vacancy | Senior Science Manager eXtended Realities and the WUR Metaverse | Wageningen University

The Environmental Sciences Group (ESG) at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is looking for a talented and enthusiastic science manager to advance our visualization efforts with a focus on eXtended Realities (XR).

The WAgeningen iNitiative on aDvanced Extended Realities (WANDER) is a WUR wide hub for advancing the science and opportunities of advanced visualization and XR across the domains of WUR.

eXtended Realities and the Metaverse have the potential to change the way societal and environmental challenges are researched, addressed and communicated. Faced with the urgency and wickedness of global challenges WANDER is supporting the development and creative design of the most effective and efficient ways to tackle these, advancing cutting edge science through to potential of XR.

Taking advantage of the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary structure of WUR, WANDER is bringing together students, staff, and stakeholders to develop immersive and engaging representations of our past, arranging and understanding our present, and planning for the future. Be it for a local environment, development of national strategies or our common global future, WANDER will allow WUR to bring together cutting-edge technology, high level research and aspiring students in an interactive, creative, and entrepreneurial environment. WANDER is using existing expertise and top-level techniques of data visualisation to synergize the interdisciplinary nature of WUR, thereby enticing staff and stakeholders from around the world to work holistically on a range of landscapes, seascape, foodscapes and others for impact on our futures.

WANDER is providing immersive and visual experiences of data representing landscapes and societal and environmental challenges that helps to co-create, develop and explore new perspectives and scenarios with all stakeholders who want to resolve complex local and global challenges and create impact by finding innovative solutions, tackling problems that endanger a safe and healthy living environment and work towards a sustainable world with benefits for all.

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