Symposium + Inaugural Lecture prof. Spencer Moore | From Ottawa to Wageningen: Building healthy societies in a planetary context | HSO@WUR | Feb 16, 2023 from 12.00 – 15.30 | Wageningen, NL

Come and join us on February 16th at Wageningen Campus to co-create new perspectives on today’s role of health promotion!

The symposium ‘From Ottawa to Wageningen’ precedes the inaugural lecture of Health and Society new professor Spencer Moore.
During this symposium, we invite you to think creatively with us about the importance of settings in health promotion.

In 1986, the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion was created based on the shared experiences and knowledge of health promotion from over 200 international participants. Despite important achievements in health promotion over the years, critical challenges remain, including climate change and rising health inequities.  The Health & Society Group at WUR aims to contribute to addressing these grand challenges.  To do so requires that we think outside-the-box and focus on specific settings or target populations, while taking seriously the role of context and participation in enabling change.   

In this symposium, we invite you to think creatively with us about the importance of certain settings and populations in health promotion with the aim of generating new perspectives and insights on the role of health promotion today.  Our symposium will be focusing on the emergence of health in four everyday settings or arenas:  

  • Health in nature: nature offers an abundance of assets that invite active participation and support growth of nature connectedness.
  • Health in neighborhoods: opportunities for citizen participation and intersectoral collaboration in neighborhoods promote health and wellbeing as part of a whole systems approach.
  • Health in sports: sports can provide a powerful means to strengthen, but also hamper the participation of people in socially vulnerable positions.    
  • Health in policies: policy instruments and arrangements for cross-sectoral health promotion and protection, this also requires political strategies for access, voice and influence on decision-making across all levels of government.

You can register for the symposium by clicking on this link.

If you would like to present your work and insights on one of these themes, you are welcome to submit a brief abstract for a poster session. Deadline for submission is February 7th, 3pm. You can submit your poster abstract here: Please see below the preliminary program of the symposium.  

Preliminary Program 

12:00 walk-in and registration 

12:30 poster sessions & walking lunch  

13:30 visualizing healthy settings in a planetary context 

14:00 co-creative settings sessions 

15:15 summing up 

16:00 Inaugural Lecture professor Spencer Moore