Event | Wageningen Disaster Network Meeting | April 25 2023, 10am-2pm | Wageningen Campus

We are launching the Wageningen Disaster Network with a lecture & lunchtime networking event on Tuesday 25 April

Wageningen has a venerable history in crisis and disaster sociology since 1997, but in a world of pandemics, catastrophic flooding and droughts, unprecedented wildfires, and restless tectonic plates, it’s high time to reach out to other disciplines in Wageningen’s domains. All with a research or policy interest in disasters in the Wageningen domain, their causes and consequences are most welcome to join us, from any relevant discipline, whether currently in Wageningen or working elsewhere with Wageningen roots. The key goal of this first meeting is getting (re)acquainted, looking for points of convergence and taking stock of current and potential initiatives.


10.00am Kick-off Wageningen Disaster Network by Jeroen Warner and Robert Coates, room C0222, Forum.
10.10-11.30Guest lecture by Dr Corinna de Guttry, Institute of Geography, Hamburg University: “High Winds, Cultural Memory and the Everyday”.
11.45-12.45Network lunch with sandwiches, salad, soup and social interaction, plus tea/coffee, room 4042, Orion.
12.45-13.45Round Robin and Inventory – who would like to sign up for follow-up activities and collaboration on disasters in the Wageningen domain? Inventory of ideas. Room 4042, Orion.

Please register via https://forms.office.com/e/uAxfxx5VUA

Contact person: Jeroen Warner jeroen.warner@wur.nl

Supported and funded by the Centre for Space, Place and Society (CSPS) Disasters and Risk cluster.