News | What does participation in green space mean for the well-being of residents?

That is what Lenneke Vaandrager, Sjerp de Vries, Jan Hassink, Marthe Derkzen and Mellany van Bommel of Wageningen University & Research did research on with the project PARTIGAN (Participatory Greening of Arnhem and Nijmegen). After more than four years of research, PARTIGAN is officially finished. On March 16, they had a successful closing meeting in Arnhem together with partners and interested parties. Findings from PARTIGAN were shared, they talked with the aldermen of Arnhem and Nijmegen, as well as with an initiative taker and municipal official, and while walking through the beautiful Sonsbeek Park all participants reflected on the question of how we can better connect green/climate and social/wellbeing.

The themes of green, health and participation proved relevant to a wide audience, with both positive results (participation really helps to make urban green space more appropriate for residents, making it more widely used) and open questions (how can green neighborhood initiatives be better secured in policy?). We continue to work on these important topics and the wonderful network of people around PARTIGAN provides opportunities to continue to seek each other out around green, health and participation.

Curious to learn more about PARTIGAN? Go to the project page and read the meeting report under ‘downloads’.