New minor | Gender and Diversity for Sustainable World | Period 1-3

Sustainability has become one of the most urgent challenges of our time. The relationships between gender (socially constructed differences between men and women), diversity (people’s backgrounds and natural lifeworlds) and sustainability, while crucial, are often difficult for students to see. In the Gender and Diversity for Sustainable Worlds minor, students start from their own position to become aware of their responsibilities and, then, to acquire knowledge and skills about gender and diversity that will be useful in advancing a more equal and sustainable world.

Students explore various relationships between (in)equality and (un)sustainability through examination of real-life social and ethical concerns within Wageningen domains. This exploration takes into account diversity in terms of not only people’s backgrounds and natural lifeworlds but also epistemologies, learning activities and skills. The careful case-based explorations in this minor encourage and strengthen students’ engagement in societal and professional debates about sustainability in their study domain as responsible professionals.

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