Agrarian Change

The Agrarian Change Cluster in the Centre for Space, Place and Society studies processes of agrarian change in the context of current global questions regarding inequality, poverty, and climate change. With a particular Wageningen twist it complements critical agrarian studies with a deep understanding of biophysical conditioning, farming practices and farmer strategies, identities and movements, and nature-society interaction. The cluster debates a range of different themes and perspectives, including mainstream modernization and green development of agriculture, political organization and alternative agrarian development, shifting labour relationships in agrarian change, agribusiness expansion and new modes of power, new and contested technologies in agriculture, and international comparison of different development trajectories, configurations of livelihood strategies, and structuring conditions. [For an overview of their events click here]

Contact person: Mark Vicol,

Current members:

Kees Jansen

Joost Jongerden

Dirk Roep

Max Ajl

Mark Vicol

PhD candidates:

Lisette Nikol

Claudia Oviedo