Migration and mobility

M&M@wur aims to exchange and join expertise from staff members and PhDs from the social sciences and humanities within Wageningen University and beyond to enlarge our understanding of contemporary challenges of migration and mobility .


The Migration and Mobility cluster focuses on global flows and movement of people, capital, things and ideas and its spatial materialisation in relation to environmental and developmental challenges, governance, and (international) intervention. Migration and mobility research enables a deeper and broader understanding of how this mobility enables and transforms economic, political, social, and cultural processes, through social science as a transdisciplinary approach. A rapidly globalizing world requires us to rethink the conceptual links between migration and mobility and its causes and effects. The fluid, recurring and protracted nature of migration patterns, results in newly emerging states of uncertainty and permanently temporary forms of existence, new technologies, and socio-cultural change and its political responses. We take a critical approach to existing and compartmentalized ontologies of migration, and by focussing on a broader notion of (human) mobility we seek to add to alternative perspectives on current social and academic concerns.

Contact person

Bram Jansen, Bramj.jansen@wur.nl



Ingrid Boas (FNP)

Stephanie Hobbis (SDC)

Bram Jansen (SDC)

Meghan Ormond (GEO)

Karin Peters (GEO)

Jeroen Warner (SDC)