Recurring visiting fellow: dr. Peter Gerritsen

Dr. Peter R.W. Gerritsen

Senior Lecturer-Researcher

Department for Ecology and Natural Resources

South Coast University Centre

University of Guadalajara

Av. Independencia Nacional #151,

48900 Autlán, Jal.


Tel. +52-317-3825010, Ext. 57172 7 / Email:


Dr. Peter R.W. Gerritsen is a senior lecturer-researcher at the Department for Ecology and Natural Resources at the South Coast University Centre of the University de Guadalajara in Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco state, in western México. He obtained a M.Sc.-degree in Agroforestry and Social Forestry (Wageningen University, the Netherlands) in 1990, and a Ph.D.-degree in Social Sciences (2002), with a specialization in Rural Sociology (Wageningen University, the Netherlands).

Dr. Gerritsen has been working for almost twenty-five years in action research and development projects in mostly western Mexico, which includes the Sierra de Manantlán biosphere reserve and the Ayuquila watershed, amongst others. More recently, he has been working in the coastal zone of Jalisco state. His research lines include the different aspects related to rural sociology and rural development.

Dr. Gerritsen has been teaching different courses related to Rural Sociology, Environmental Anthropology, Qualitative Research and Rural Development at B.Sc.-, M.Sc.-, and Ph.D.-level. He is author/co-author of great many publications, of which 41 are peer reviewed articles, 52 book chapters, eight collectively and seven individually written scientific books, and 192 individual and collective participations in congresses and other academic events. Finally, he has supervised two Speciality theses, 14 B.Sc.-theses, 25 M.Sc.-thesis and six Ph.D.-theses.