Visiting fellow: Yasmine Willi

We are pleased to inform you that Yasmine Willi will be joining us as a visiting fellow during March and April 2018. She will be working together with Joost Jongerden (RSO) and Martijn Duineveld (GEO). Yasmine introduces herself below: My name is Yasmine Willi and I am a Human Geographer working as a PhD candidate […]

Visiting fellow and annual lecture: Erik Swyngedouw

We are happy to announce that we have confirmed Erik Swyngedouw to give our annual lecture. Erik Swyngedouw is Professor of Geography at Manchester University. His research interests include urban political-ecology, hydro-social conflict, urban governance, democracy and political power, and the politics of globalisation. His was previously professor of geography at Oxford University and held […]

Visiting fellow: Ariadne Collins

We are pleased to inform you that Ariadne Collins will be joining us as a visiting fellow during the academic year of 2017-2018. Bio Ariadne Collins is particularly interested in climate change governance and politics. Her research adopts post-structural approaches to interrogating the intersection of power, development and neoliberalism in global efforts to conserve tropical […]