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This is a section of the CSPS blog devoted to Corona related essays, papers, news items and blogs.

Thesis opportunities | Foodscapes in times of uncertainty

The CSPS Foodscapes cluster is looking for BSc and MSc students interested in researching emerging foodscapes in times of uncertainty.   Covid-19 has displayed many of the vulnerabilities and externalities of our current corporate food regime, such as unequal access to food, the dependence of our food supply on global supply chains, the exploitation of (migrant) […]

PhD Defense | Understanding the psychological and social environmental determinants driving young infant feeding practices among Rwandan households: a salutogenic approach | by Jeanine Ahishakiye | Tuesday Sept 8th, 11.00 am

For more information: The defense will be livestreamed via the following link

Political Ecology Reading Group | Anti-Oppression | first session on October 15th, 2020 at 4 pm CET

Political ecologists recognize that environmental issues are political and therefore intricately tied to social and economic issues. We also understand that such issues have shared (political) root causes and that addressing ecological problems means addressing social and economic problems at the structural level as well. And although the PE Reading Group has included readings by […]