Course | Alternative Research Methods: Remote Edition | 8 – 12 February 2021

OtherWise, a WUR critical student organization, is launching a third edition of the Alternative Research Methods Training on 8th-12th February. This extracurricular course is aimed at MSc students curious about diverse approaches to research. This time, the focus will be on doing research remotely.

Course description

How to conduct research in a world that is 80% under quarantine? How to study in a field that can not be physically accessible? How to give back to communities we have never met face to face? 

On the 8th-12th of February 2021, the third edition of the Alternative Research Methods Training will take place. This training resonates with the unexpected changes that 2020 has brought. Aligned with the needs of this new normality, we have created an exciting, interactive course to dive into AR2M: Alternative Remote Research Methods. 

OtherWise strives to provide critical perspectives on research and education, explore different ways of learning and increase the diversity of approaches to research and knowledge. Together with experts on different methodologies, we have co-designed a journey to explore the world of remote research. Some of the adventures we will dive into include gaming research, citizen science, remote participatory and collaborative research and netnography. Questions regarding ethics, community engagement and positionality are put together to create an open dialogue towards this shift in the field of scientific research. 

Join us on this interactive, hands-on learning journey and experiment with fun and insightful ways of doing research remotely. 

Register before January 31st through this link: 

For the training, we ask a sliding-scale solidarity fee of 40-60 euros, depending on your financial situation. The training will take place partly online and, if possible, partly in the Clockhouse, Generaal Foulkesweg 37, Wageningen. 

To learn more about the program, follow the updates on the Facebook event.

Should you have any questions, send us an email to with the topic ‘AR2M: Alternative Remote Research Methods’. 

Cover image by: Sasin Tipchai via Pixabay