Symposium + Inaugural Lecture prof. Spencer Moore | From Ottawa to Wageningen: Building healthy societies in a planetary context | HSO@WUR | Feb 16, 2023 from 12.00 – 15.30 | Wageningen, NL

Come and join us on February 16th at Wageningen Campus to co-create new perspectives on today’s role of health promotion! The symposium ‘From Ottawa to Wageningen’ precedes the inaugural lecture of Health and Society new professor Spencer Moore.During this symposium, we invite you to think creatively with us about the importance of settings in health promotion. […]

PhD Course | Transformative and Participatory Qualitative Research Approaches and Methods | Feb 20 – March 16, 2023 | Wageningen University, NL

From Feb 20 – March 16, we will be running the 3rd edition of the TPAR PhD Course, on Transformative and Participatory Qualitative Research Approaches and Methods. For the first time, we will run it in person, in Wageningen. The TPAR course offers participants conceptual and hands-on methodological engagement with transformative, participatory and action research […]

Commentary | The death of tourism scholarship… unless… | Lee & Benjamin

Kai-Sean Lee, Stefanie Benjamin, The death of tourism scholarship… unless…, Annals of Tourism Research, Volume 98, 2023, 103520, ISSN 0160-7383. “Our graduate students need to publish more,” says Professor Publish. “If they want to compete in today’s higher education job market, they will need at least three publications by graduation, maybe five to be safe.” […]

PhD Defence | (Re)building historical commons: exploring forest commoning as a transformative practice in the Northwestern Iberian Peninsula | by Marta Nieto Romero | Dec 16, 1.30 pm in Wageningen

Friday December 16, 2022, during a ceremony from 13.30-15.00, Marta Nieto Romero will defend her PhD thesis ‘(Re)building historical commons. Exploring forest commoning as a transformative practice in the Northwestern Iberian Peninsula‘ in the auditorium of the Omnia building of Wageningen University and Research. See here for more information and a link to the live broadcast or recording of […]

CSPS PhD defence | December 2022 | Wageningen Campus

Friday, 2 December 13:30 – 15:00 Linda Yevoo (SDC) | Maternal and newborn clinical decision-making in context. Linda’s research is part of the project on maternal and newborn health care in Ghana, an NWO funded programme to investigate the cause of maternal and newborn deaths in a hospital setting in Ghana. More info. Tuesday, 6 […]

Activism course | Resistance, Power & Movements | March & April 2023

Elective course:  Resistance, Power & Movements (SDC53806) What is an effective movement? How do you feel about activism?  Do you want to learn tools on how to be politically relevant? Do you want to join a course that seeks to create a space to explore and reflect on agency and power with a focus on combining […]

Interview | CSPS dissertations | dr. Tara Ruttenberg & dr. Rodrigo Alves Rolo

In October, four of our CSPS PhD candidates successfully defended their dissertation. We are so very proud of them. congratulations to all! Two questions to dr. Tara Ruttenberg and dr. Rodrigo Alves Rolo about their experience as a PhD researcher at WUR. dr. Tara Ruttenberg (SDC) | Decolonizing Surf Tourism: Alternatives to Development, Surfer Subjectivity and […]

Event | Political Ecology @ WUR | Double book presentation | Prof. Rosaleen Duffy & Dr. Annah Zhu | Nov 17th, 15.30 | Wageningen Campus

Political ecology@WUR invites you to a double book presentation 17th of November: Endangered species conservation: Illegal trafficking, security and transnational networks – a political ecology perspective Prof. Rosaleen Duffy (University of Sheffield) will present her book, “Security and Conservation: The Politics of the Illegal Wildlife Trade”, Yale University Press Dr. Annah Lake Zhu (WUR, ENP) […]

4 CSPS PhD defences coming up

Monday, 10 October, 13.30 – 15.30 Rodrigo Alves Rolo (GEO) | Spaces for Planning Evolution. Path, inter and goal dependencies in the revival of spatial planning in Argentina More information Monday, 17 October, 16.00-18.00h Tara Ruttenberg (SDC) | Decolonizing Surf Tourism: Alternatives to Development, Surfer Subjectivity and Surfscape Commons Governance More information Tuesday, 18 October, […]

Vacancy | Senior Science Manager eXtended Realities and the WUR Metaverse | Wageningen University

The Environmental Sciences Group (ESG) at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is looking for a talented and enthusiastic science manager to advance our visualization efforts with a focus on eXtended Realities (XR). The WAgeningen iNitiative on aDvanced Extended Realities (WANDER) is a WUR wide hub for advancing the science and opportunities of advanced visualization and XR across the domains of WUR. eXtended Realities and […]

The CSPS Health & Environment cluster presents GREEN SALUTOGENIC ENVIRONMENTS: A symposium at the occasion of the PhD defense of Roald Pijpker

Wednesday 19th of October 2022 A symposium on Green Salutogenic Environments in Orion C2035 14:00-15:00 Talks by Prof. Catharine Ward Thompson – OPENspace, The University of Edinburg Prof. Paolo Contu, PhD, MD – Università degli Studi di Cagliari 15:00-16:00 A nature walk on the campus with walk & talk coach Oda Salomons 16:00-17:30 PhD-defense in […]

Event | Wageningen Geography lecture | Ryokan: mobilizing hospitality in rural Japan | Chris McMorran (NU Singapore)| Sept 27, 15.30 | Wageningen Campus

The Cultural Geography group, together with CSPS, cordially invites you to the upcoming Wageningen Geography lecture: Chris McMorran (NUSingapore) –  Ryokan: mobilizing hospitality in rural Japan Tuesday Sept 27th, 15:30 Gaia Building, 1st Floor Atrium, Wageningen University Campus Followed by Q&A and a drinks reception What does it take to produce one of Japan’s most […]

Event | Transformative Learning Hub | Listen Up! Podcasting in the classroom | with Chris McMorran | September 28, 16.00 -17.00

When: Wednesday, 28 September 2022 from 16:00-17:00, followed by drinks and snacks Where: Wageningen Campus, Atlas building, room B0040 WHAT WILL WE BE DOING? In this second Transformative Learning Hub session for September 2022, Chris McMorran (Assoc. Prof., National University of Singapore) will explore the pedagogical possibilities of podcasting. Chris is a cultural geographer with […]

CSPS Seminar | WE’VE GOT A FILE ON YOU! Datafication and quantification in academia and beyond | September 8 | 15.00-16.30 | Wageningen University | Place: Forum Building

CSPS Seminar | WE’VE GOT A FILE ON YOU! Datafication and quantification in academia and beyond | September 8 | 15.00-16.30 | Wageningen University | Forum Building, Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Room V0031 or on Teams (Teams-link) You can sign up here: Contributions by Maartje Roelofsen, Trista Chih-Chen Lin, Bram Buscher and Guus Dix | Moderated by […]

A Bite of French Onion Soup in Food Forest Haarzuilens

On June 10th, the Foodscapes cluster visited Food Forest Haarzuilens. This food forest was established in 2015 by Jan Degenaar and Maarten Schrama with the aim of bridging the gap between biodiversity and agriculture. On top of that, Food Forest Haarzuilens has a community function. Being located to the West of Utrecht, the food forest offers a welcome break to city life for many city dwellers. The food forest has a natural amphitheater enclosed by grapevines where events can be organized, and the food forest itself is open to the public.

Interview | Inspiring people @WUR: Meghann Ormond |

“I’m a cultural geographer with American and Portuguese citizenship, and I’ve studied and worked all my adult life – more than 20 years – in various parts of Europe and Southeast Asia on migration, care and citizenship. As a critical social scientist, woman and immigrant myself, I bring my concern about how differently mobile people’s […]

Seminar | Women in Agriculture: Reflections and future directions | by professor Sally Shortall, Newcastle University | Wednesday 11 May, 16.00 – 17.30 | Wageningen, NL and live stream

We are very pleased to invite you to the final seminar in our RSO 75 Years Seminar Series. We are excited to be welcoming Prof. Sally Shortall to WUR to present the seminar (in person!). Prof. Shortall will present a forward-looking talk on her extensive and highly regarded research engagement with gender and agriculture. The […]

Special Issue | Material dependencies: hidden underpinnings of sustainability transitions

Special Issue Journal Environmental Policy and Planning Material dependencies: hidden underpinnings of sustainability transitions Editors: Kristof Van Assche, Martijn Duineveld, Monica Gruezmacher, Raoul Beunen & Vladislav Valentinov Nobody wants a return to material determinism (Marxist or otherwise) which dominated anthropology for a while, nor should we be waiting for a comeback of historicist approaches to […]

Blog | Eight ways universities can make career assessment more equitable | Meghann Ormond, et al. published in Nature

New measures to reward scholars in the Netherlands could widen gender inequality if they are not designed and implemented correctly, warn these four academics: Sylvia Brugman , Meghann Ormond , Janneke Pieters & Mangala Srinivas Academic success is still defined mainly by publishing lots of articles in high-impact journals and landing prestigious grants. These measures privilege one type of academic profile […]

Event | Feminist Political Ecology Dialogue on Re-thinking Age, Generation and Population | May 11, 2022 | 16.00-18.00, Impulse, Wageningen University

WEGO Invites you to: An FPE Dialogue on Re-thinking age, generation and population Time: 16:00 to 18:00 11 May 2022 With drinks from 18.00 onwards Place: Speaker’s corner, Impulse, WUR, Wageningen This feminist dialogue will explore how Feminist Political Ecology (FPE) scholarship is engaging with ideas of age and generation. It is the last of […]

Event | Eating Ourselves Towards a Resilient Now | with Arne Hendriks | April 5, 15.00 – 17.00 + drinks at Impulse, Wageningen University

Our diets will shift toward more plant proteins and other new protein sources. But how can we cultivate and practice our desires to maintain the balance between humans and the planet? According to Arne Hendriks (artist-in-residence at Wageningen University & Research from 2020-2021) we need more space for imagination. Together with several WUR experts he […]

Event | Palestinian Peasants: Struggles against Settler Colonialism | Thursday March 24, 19.30 – 21.00 CET | Forum, Wageningen University + online

This Thursday, you are all invited at 19:30 in Forum (B0404/online) for an evening focused on the struggled of Palestinian peasants. This event is organized by Stichting Boerengroep and the Rural Sociology Group, in response to the decision of the Dutch government in January 2022 to withdraw their financial support for the Union of Agricultural Workers Committee (UAWC). […]