Gender & Diversity

The Gender & Diversity cluster is a space for Wageningen researchers and staff members across disciplines and fields to share and develop knowledge and skills about gender and diversity in WUR academic domains as well as in WUR professional workplaces.


Today, research in WUR academic domains done to support sustainable development is increasingly interdisciplinary. It demands better understanding of roles of gender and other differences, such as race, sexuality, colonial history, income, citizenship status, age, and body ability, in specific socio-ecological settings. Simultaneously, efforts to mainstream gender and diversity within WUR are increasing, but they are often short-lived, they are not well coordinated across initiatives, and they require more structural support.

The Gender & Diversity cluster aims to strengthen gender and diversity education and research and contribute to a more gender and diversity sensitive workplace within WUR through collaborative explorations of gender and diversity issues in WUR academic domains as well as those in WUR professional workplaces. It is a space for peers to exchange knowledge about, teach each other skills, and develop new initiatives supporting gender and diversity through meetings, mentoring, co-teaching courses, seminars, workshops, and other activities.

Contact person

Chizu Sato


WUR faculty
Chizu Sato (GEO) Feminist political ecology, transnational feminism, postcapitalist politics
Nadia Bernaz (LAW) Business, human rights and the environment 
Bettina Bock (RSO) Rural sociology, rural development, mobility and migration
Birgit Boogaard (KTI) African philosophy, agricultural development, intercultural dialogue
Margreet van der Burg (SSG) Rural and agricultural development (historical & contemporary)
Melina T. Czymoniewicz-Klippel (CHL) Health inequities, global health, participatory research, inclusive teaching pedagogies
Clemens Driessen (GEO) Science and technology studies, animal geography, environmental humanities