Conflict@WUR aims to engage staff members and PhD across different groups at Wageningen University in debates and joint activities around the study of conflict and violence.


Conflict and violence occur in many development contexts, but how to approach these issues theoretically and analytically is far from self-evident. The Conflict@WUR cluster offers a space to critically examine different theoretical framings of conflict and violence, question orthodoxies and explore emerging propositions. The cluster brings together academics from a variety of backgrounds interested in further developing the way in which they approach conflict and violence analytically and methodologically, from a joint starting point in the critical social sciences. The shared challenge is to understand the social (re-) production of conflict and violence, involving multi-dimensional processes that unfold in the everyday but engage connections across time and space. Many of the participating researchers study conflict dynamics around natural resources, unravelling the complexities of conflict and unpacking the very notion of “resource conflict”. Current interests in the cluster relate, first, to the issue of agency, considering the social organisation of conflict, sense-making and claim-making, and violence as a discursive construction and form of communication. A second core interest concerns social and institutional ordering processes, including boundary construction, state formation, relations of power, and the politics of belonging.

Contact persons:

Gemma van der Haar  Lotje de Vries


WUR Faculty

Gemma van der Haar (SDC)

Lotje de Vries (SDC)


PhD candidates

Arjaan Pellis (GEO)

Lisa Trogisch (SDC)

Christine Ampumuza (GEO)


The cluster is piloting a PhD course Critical dialogues on violence: Foundations and current debates.

Film screening of Ghost of our Forest.