Health and Environment

The CSPS Health & Environment research cluster aims to engage staff members and PhD candidates across different groups and departments at Wageningen University in debates and joint activities around the study of the relationship between health and the physical environment. [For an overview of their events click here]


The cluster creates a cross-disciplinary platform for sharing research and developing research proposals, hosting discussions and activities, and aims to facilitate a space for interdisciplinary debate on matters relating to health and the environment at WUR.

There is already an abundance of research which asserts the value of ‘green’ for health, however there is still a need to understand how health is best supported in different physical settings, for different groups, and at different stages of the life course, and indeed critically examine how health is defined and practiced, in different contexts, and who benefits or is left out. The cluster creates a space for knowledge exchange across disciplinary approaches on how to address these questions theoretically, analytically and methodologically.

The cluster brings together researchers with a variety of social science backgrounds with a broad range of interests, including greening and health, healthy cities, healthy architecture, climate change and health, therapeutic landscapes, green care, community gardening, soundscapes and health, and more. The shared challenge is to understand the complex ways in which health interacts with places, spaces and ecologies, and to explore what forms of knowledge can be produced and how, and in what ways different types of knowledge can be communicated to society and policymakers in ways that can empower and be of practical use in supporting the health of different social groups.

Contact persons:

Marthe DerkzenAgnes Patuano


The cluster was established in 2019 and will engage in different activities including discussions of readings, sharing of research or papers in progress, seminars with external speakers, field visits, and so on.


Lenneke Vaandrager (HSO)

Agnes Patuano (LSP)

Karolina Doughty (GEO)

Esther Veen (RSO)

Katarzyna Kurek (AEP)

Marleen Bekker (HSO)

Annemarie Wagemakers (HSO)

Beatrijs Haverkamp (PHI)

Marthe Derkzen (HSO)

Maartje Bulkens (CHL)

Meghann Ormond (GEO)

Han van Dijk (SDC)

Sjerp de Vries (WENR)

Bram Busscher (SDC)

Caro-Lynn Verbaan (HSO)

PhD candidates

Yvette Buist (HSO)

Roald Pijpker (HSO)

Kristel Polhuis (HSO)