The Politics of Space and Place

This theme brings together a variety of academic researchers and PhD candidates from different disciplines and fields at Wageningen University who are engaged in the study of politics, governance and the production of space and place. [For an overview of their events and blogs click here]
We study the politics, governance and planning of space and place (including but not limited to planning and design approaches) from post-stuctualist and relational perspectives, like ANT. This implies places are seen as the outcome of past actions, communications and decisions setting the possibilities and limits for new ones.
This theme includes issues on the intersection of governance, geography and sociology, including: democracy of planning and design, citizenship and participation, conflicts over and in places, natural resource management, food provisioning, land tenure, object-, subject- and identity formation.

Contact persons:

Ana Aceska Alexandra Rijke


Noelle Aarts (COM)

Communication and Change in Life Sciences, Conversations, Frame Construction in Interaction,  Conflict, Negotiation, Dialogue

Ana Aceska (GEO) 

Urban studies, Power, Planning, Place-making, Contested spaces

Jelle Behagel (FNP)

Politics of democratic governance, water-forest-nature practices, Brazil, EU

Marleen Buizer (COM)

Politics of Place Making, Environmental Governance, Civic Participation

Karolina Doughty (GEO)   Public space, Sound, Atmosphere/ambiance, Mobilities, Wellbeing

Jessica Duncan (RSO)

Food security, Global governance, Participation, PolicyRoel During (Alterra)

Social Innovation , Evolutionary theory, Policy Analysis, Cultural Heritage and Identity

Martijn Duineveld (GEO)

Evolutionary Governance Theory, Urban Studies, Power, Democracy, Depoliticisation

Robert Fletcher (SDC)

Ecotourism, adventure tourism, conservation; Latin America, East Africa

Joost Jongerden (RSO)

Relational theory, Place, Identity, Resistance, Autonomy

Tamara Metze (PAP)

Boundary work, Framing, Traveling of facts and uncertainties, Energy controversies, Urban planning

Meghann Ormond (GEO)

Health resource management, Care ethics, Responsibility, Entitlement, Citizenship

Karin Peters (GEO)

Public Spaces, Belonging, Diversity, Leisure, Mobilities

Marcel Pleijte (Alterra)

Policy Analysis and Evaluation, Urban and Rural studies, Public Private Partnerships, Social initiatives, Citizens science

Marijn Poortvliet (COM)

Risk Communication, Risk Perception, Motivation, Innovation Behavior

Kevin Raaphorst (LAR)

Semiotics, ANT, Design Representations, Iconography, Participatory Planning and Design, Visual Discourse

Rodrigo Alves Rolo (GEO)

Policy Analysis, Democratic planning, Consensus building, Governance, Performativity

Alexandra Rijke (GEO)

Walling, assemblage thinking, Israel-Palestine, (new)materialities, porosity/fixity

Kristof Van Assche

Innovation in governance, Spatial planning, Design, Development and Environmental policy.