PhD Course | Transformative and Participatory Qualitative Research Approaches and Methods | Feb 20 – March 16, 2023 | Wageningen University, NL

From Feb 20 – March 16, we will be running the 3rd edition of the TPAR PhD Course, on Transformative and Participatory Qualitative Research Approaches and Methods. For the first time, we will run it in person, in Wageningen.

The TPAR course offers participants conceptual and hands-on methodological engagement with transformative, participatory and action research approaches that use creative and arts-based research methods and techniques to foster the inclusion and engagement of diverse, often marginalised perspectives and to bring into focus, examine and transform narratives, representations and practices. The course gives participants the opportunity to practice using these methods with individuals and groups, as well as to examine and assess these methods relative to ethics of/in action-oriented engagement and the opportunities and challenges they pose for data analysis and (re)presentation.

In the images below, you’ll find more info about the course and course fees. To register, please visit: Registration form – WUR

Questions? For content questions, please contact course co-coordinators Anke de Vrieze ( and/or Meghann Ormond ( For registration and financial questions, please reach out to Marcella Haan (

Teaching team: Anke de Vrieze, Elisabet Rasch, Josie Chambers, Lenneke Vaandrager, Meghann Ormond, Rachel Pain & special guests!