Tourism@WUR brings together a variety of academic researchers and PhD candidates from different disciplines and fields at Wageningen University who are engaged in the study of tourism.


Tourism mirrors many complex dynamics of our contemporary societies. This research cluster therefore not only sees tourism itself as a constitutive force in economic, cultural, social, political, technological and environmental processes, but also as an important lens through which to examine global concerns and transformations more broadly.  Wageningen tourism scholars focus their attention on tourism’s relation to landscape, poverty, nature conservation, global environmental change, health(care), (sustainable) development, indigeneity, culture and agriculture, and critically engage with how tourism is executed.

Tourism@WUR aims to explore tourism from multiple theoretical perspectives and to provide a forum for cross-disciplinary debate for those who share common research interests. Through meetings, workshops, seminars and other such events, Tourism@WUR provides a platform for tourism scholars to meet, exchange ideas, and undertake new initiatives relevant to tourism studies at Wageningen University and beyond.

Contact persons: Edward Huijbens ( and Robert Fletcher (


WUR Faculty

PhD Candidates