Workshop | Embracing multiperspectivity | March 29 2023 1-5 pm | Wageningen Campus

The WUR Transformative Learning Hub in collaboration with the Centre for Unusual Collaborations organizes: Workshop: Embracing multiperspectivity Registration required: Registration for CUCo’s Embracing Multiperspectivity Workshop ( What can we learn from artists in our daily struggle when collaborating with others? How do artists use their senses, give meaning to emotions & feelings and collaborate with […]

Seminar | Challenges for tackling deforestation in Brazil: From a scorched earth policy to where? | Adriana Ramos | March 27 2023 | 12.30 – 13.30 | Impulse, Wageningen

Event description Lula’s victory in the 2022 Brazilian election was accompanied by a solid commitment to tackle climate change, including the goal of zero deforestation by 2030. A new Plan to Halt Deforestation is expected, comprising all Brazilian biomes beyond the Amazon alone. Action to confront illegal operations has already begun, for example in the […]

Blog | Merissa Gavin | Migrant workers in Spain’s Agri-Food Industry and the Ceuta ‘March for Dignity’

Text and photos Merissa Gavin Re-negotiating precarity: Migrant fruit pickers in southern SpainFor my ongoing thesis research, I am interested in how migrant workers in Spain’s agri-food industry navigate politically induced precarity. Precarity, within the scope of this research, refers to the instability of immigrants’ status in society as they embody the paradox of being […]

Commentary | The death of tourism scholarship… unless… | Lee & Benjamin

Kai-Sean Lee, Stefanie Benjamin, The death of tourism scholarship… unless…, Annals of Tourism Research, Volume 98, 2023, 103520, ISSN 0160-7383. “Our graduate students need to publish more,” says Professor Publish. “If they want to compete in today’s higher education job market, they will need at least three publications by graduation, maybe five to be safe.” […]

CSPS PhD defence | December 2022 | Wageningen Campus

Friday, 2 December 13:30 – 15:00 Linda Yevoo (SDC) | Maternal and newborn clinical decision-making in context. Linda’s research is part of the project on maternal and newborn health care in Ghana, an NWO funded programme to investigate the cause of maternal and newborn deaths in a hospital setting in Ghana. More info. Tuesday, 6 […]

Activism course | Resistance, Power & Movements | March & April 2023

Elective course:  Resistance, Power & Movements (SDC53806) What is an effective movement? How do you feel about activism?  Do you want to learn tools on how to be politically relevant? Do you want to join a course that seeks to create a space to explore and reflect on agency and power with a focus on combining […]

Interview | CSPS dissertations | dr. Tara Ruttenberg & dr. Rodrigo Alves Rolo

In October, four of our CSPS PhD candidates successfully defended their dissertation. We are so very proud of them. congratulations to all! Two questions to dr. Tara Ruttenberg and dr. Rodrigo Alves Rolo about their experience as a PhD researcher at WUR. dr. Tara Ruttenberg (SDC) | Decolonizing Surf Tourism: Alternatives to Development, Surfer Subjectivity and […]

Event | Political Ecology @ WUR | Double book presentation | Prof. Rosaleen Duffy & Dr. Annah Zhu | Nov 17th, 15.30 | Wageningen Campus

Political ecology@WUR invites you to a double book presentation 17th of November: Endangered species conservation: Illegal trafficking, security and transnational networks – a political ecology perspective Prof. Rosaleen Duffy (University of Sheffield) will present her book, “Security and Conservation: The Politics of the Illegal Wildlife Trade”, Yale University Press Dr. Annah Lake Zhu (WUR, ENP) […]

4 CSPS PhD defences coming up

Monday, 10 October, 13.30 – 15.30 Rodrigo Alves Rolo (GEO) | Spaces for Planning Evolution. Path, inter and goal dependencies in the revival of spatial planning in Argentina More information Monday, 17 October, 16.00-18.00h Tara Ruttenberg (SDC) | Decolonizing Surf Tourism: Alternatives to Development, Surfer Subjectivity and Surfscape Commons Governance More information Tuesday, 18 October, […]